Helping out at crime scene

by responders from Bull. All the way from Pta East to assist

Responders from all over the Pretoria area assisting

This is how we prevent crime

Concerned Citizens Patroller Training

A day course presented by CCC on what patrollers are supposed to do and what not to do.

Vehicle recovered after Armed robbery

Irene Mall. Call on radio came and minutes later the vehicle was recovered

Get involved in your Community

The time has come for every citizen to be involved in protecting his or her neighbourhood.

Operation with various sectors of Law Enforcement

Reaction to Armed Robbery by Pretoria Reaction Group assisting in Doringkloof

Operation with various sectors of Law Enforcement

Started the previous night and rolled the operation at 4am. A very successful operation

Meeting with DNW

Discussing our rollout of the Mobile Panic App and how it can help the community and the patrollers

Units from all over pretoria responding

The teamwork is just incredible

Quick meeting

Moments of working together with SAPS, Neighbourhood Watch and CPF members

Illegal Immegrant Operation

On this day we apprehended more than 200 illegals

Very successful operation by Tracker & SAPS to recover a stolen Truck

09-12-2020 Cooperation between various sectors of Crime Prevention. Working perfectly

Successful arrest

Members of the Community working with SAPS

Oct 2020 Rain

This is only the beginning of the rain season!!!

The Good old days

Meeting up with Gerrie, Louis Loot and Starlyn of the CFF

Hennopsriver Filth after first Rains

The effort to clean the rubbish out of the Hennops just never ends. More and more people need to get involved in funding these cleanups

Bizsec is all about Business Owners and the Residents taking hands to create a better and safer environment  for each other.
Support our endeavors
Meeting with Sector Head

A time when politics were not involved in crime prevention.

Cleaning the Hennops River

A group of citizens cleaning the river with the assistance of a Fire lighter company.

Vegetable Projects

Planting a vegetable garden using 2 Liter bottles

Be a Responsible Citizen

Citizens must become involved, otherwise chaos will rule our country