Being involved in our Communities  has always being our dream mission and passion.

Being able to offer a Community Safety Solution is really an achievement that is dear to our core belief system.

We are here to serve our community and make it as safe as possible with the help of technology and willing responders.

We need to respond and look after our neighbors. 

We are now all affected by the COVID 19 and must realize that many of our residents will remain unemployed and that many many businesses has closed down permanently.

Un occupied building is a huge risk for invasion by criminals



A Visit from the Free State

Having our Anti  Crime and Corruption team together as well as our programmer was a great day for us all

1st Meeting

Our first meeting with possible responders  and some SAPS members that were in the area Dec 2019

Food projects

Members of SAPS providing law and order at Moreleta Feeding scheme during covid19

Moreletta Food

Church and sponsors feeding the Plastic view squatters.