The state of money

We believe that our money, our rand has some value, but in reality the value of our money is only because we accept it as the currency that we use. It is our acceptance that makes it work for the bankers .

In 1976 the USD Us Dollar was unlinked from gold and since then all currencies that were linked tothe Dollar has lost it value to be tendered for gold.

So what am I saying , is this conspiracy theory or do you understand what a fiat currency is?

San Salvador has just allowed bitcoin to be a local currency to be able to move away from the control of the Dollar.

So let's investigate our beliefs of money !


Corruption in our Tmpd

How many of your friends and family have been pulled over and forced to pay a bribe to a traffic officer? This seems to have a never ending story of corruption. We cannot call this corruption as it is purely extortion by someone that wears a uniform, that we as citizen expect to have authority and  […]

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