Whose Money Is It Anyway? Gauteng treasury admits to R2... (dailymaverick.co.za)

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) and the Gauteng provincial treasury have admitted they misreported expenditure by a quarter of a billion rand R250 000 000, and no one noticed —

. How deep really is the rot in public finances and their oversight?


We noticed that each month the Treasury was treating the cumulative expenditure figure of what it was paying the six wannabe cleaning companies to “fumigate” Gauteng’s public buildings as new expenditure and then adding it to the next month’s totals (see letter below). As a result, what was actually an expenditure of R117-million by the end of January 2021 (itself an amount that ought to bring the SIU running in) was reported as expenditure of R377-million.


These numbers were ratified by the department and fed through to the National Treasury, which claims to be the overseers of public expenditure.

However, even in the era of fruitless and irregular expenditure, the numbers didn’t seem to add up. We didn’t want to exaggerate an already tender-inflated amount so we chose the low road and asked questions.