A joint police investigation has led to the arrest of an East London senior public prosecutor in connection with the disappearance of multiple case dockets

The 50-year-old was arrested by a team of officers from the Anti-Corruption Unit, who were working in conjunction with Crime Intelligence and a special task team.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana said the dockets started going missing in 2016. Kinana said the Anti-Corruption Unit received reports of continuous and numerous missing case dockets in the East London Magistrate's Court in 2016The missing dockets included two drunk driving cases. Kinana said:

In one of the cases, the [arrested drunk driving suspect] was asked to pay a sum of R20 000 in exchange for the destruction of the court docket. Consequently, the said [docket] went missing. However, police were able to reconstruct the docket and it was brought back to the court roll.

It is alleged that the prosecutor again started persuading the person to pay more money for the disappearance of the reconstructed docket.

"The senior prosecutor persuaded the [drunk driving suspect] to pay R5 000 to help him escape prosecution, promising that the docket would be destroyed. This brought the amount pocketed from the [suspect] to R25 000 in total."Following a long process of investigation, which started in 2019 by the Anti-Corruption Unit, the suspect started evading arrest.

An intensive search was conducted and eventually he was found in the Amalinda Forest Two Houses and arrested following a warrant of arrest issued against him," Kinana said.