The suspect, the son of a former police colonel, was apprehended by the Hawks at 10pm at his home in Springs, east of Johannesburg.

He was taken in for questioning and was expected to be charged within 24 hours.

The man is expected to make an appearance in the Germiston Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 25 September 2020, before being transferred to Cape Town.

the suspect had allegedly tracked Kinnear’s cellphone for months. 


He was apparently asked by a person who identified himself as “Mohamad” to track the cellphone of his wife. 

The suspect claims he was not aware that he was in fact tracking Kinnear’s phone.

This breakthrough will hopefully help investigators trace the phone of the person who requested the tracking of Kinnear’s phone. The arrest comes after investigators followed up all possible leads following the assassination of Kinnear around 3pm on Friday, 18 September, in front of his house at 10 Gearing Road, Bishop Lavis. 

A week before his death, Kinnear was in Springs continuing his investigation into alleged underworld boss Nafiz Modack. Kinnear also investigated eight high-ranking police officers accused of colluding with fellow officers at the Central Firearms Registry).